Friday, 12 July 2013

Notable residents

Business people Simón Iturri Patiño (1862–1947), mining magnate Educators and Intellectuals Jaime Escalante, professor and teacher whose life was dramatized in the 1988 film Stand and Deliver Renato Prada Oropeza, professor, semiologist, writer Musicians Edwin Arturo Castellanos Mendoza (b. 1966), musician, artist, politician, Mayor of Cochabamba (2010 - 2015 term) Jaime Laredo, (b. 1941), classical violinist Teófilo Vargas Candia (1866–1961), musician and composer,

author of the Cochabamba Hymn

Los Kjarkas (since 1965) Cochabambino folk music group, an exemplar of Bolivian traditional music, performers and authors of the famous song "Llorando se Fue", which has been covered internationally Literary figures Nataniel Aguirre (1843–1888), author. Guido Ernesto Cabrerizo (1954), author and poet. Adela Zamudio (1874–1925), author and poet, a strong defender of women's rights Jesús Lara (1898–1975), author and poet Ramon Rocha Monroy (1950-), author, journalist Gaby Vallejo Candia (1841), author, professor of Literature Edmundo Paz Soldán - author Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz (1931–1980), author and prominent politician Javier del Granado (1913–1996), poet laureate Renato Prada Oropeza (1937–2011), novelist and poet Oscar Unzaga de la Vega (1916–1959), journalist and historian

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