Friday, 12 July 2013


Cochabamba is a steadily emerging market within the Bolivian real estate industry. Since 2010, it became the city with most surface area in construction in Bolivia overpassing Santa Cruz and La Paz. There are many middle and large buildings under construction by 2012. An annual mild climate, abundant greenery, mountain vistas, and a progressive local economy are factors that have contributed to the city's appeal for Bolivian nationals, expatriates and foreigners alike. Historic and affluent neighbourhoods such as Cala Cala, El Mirador, and Lomas de Aranjuez showcase some of the city's most distinguished residences.

Queru Queru - North La Recoleta - North Cala Cala - North Lomas de Aranjuez - North El Mirador - North Las Brisas - North Sarco - Northwest Mayorazgo - Northwest Barrio Profesional - Northwest America Oeste - Northwest Colquiri - Northwest Muyurina - Northeast Tupuraya - Northeast Cochabamba Valley, Dec. 1987 Hippodromo - West Villa Busch - West Temporal - North La Chimba - Southwest Aeropuerto - Southwest Ticti Norte - Fringe North Jaihuayco - South Zona sud - South Ticti - South Valle Hermoso - South

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